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Project of the Month

Date of post: July 13, 2017

This is my first blog. As an Irishman, I'll try to not be too loquacious and keep it succinct. Kajabi internet marketing studio in Orange County had a little to much echo in the commercial shoot studio and sound bleeding through the walls, so we custom built sound absorbing panels. Behind these panels we had removed the old attempts of soundproofing, (2 layers of drywall which exacerbates the Double Leaf Effect), installed the decoupling floating wall system and organic NRC rated .95 (absorbs 95%, refracts 5%) insulation. Typically in condos, this is all we need to do, minus the panels. The entry door was also lined with mass loaded vinyl and class A fire rated black vinyl nitrate foam. We usually do the same for conference rooms like we recently did at Bing internet company in Santa Monica. At restaurants and bars we usually only need to add the sound panels. Don't you hate it when you can't hear the person across the table from all the sound bouncing around the restaurant? In 26 years of specializing in soundproofing from garage bands to professional studios, they always choose the black covering over the Helmholtz resonator panels. The conference rooms usually go the opposite with an off white canvas cover. You can choose up to 46 colors from Guilford of Maine Fabrics.