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Our Goal Is to Provide a Quality Product That Will Transform Your Space


Mission Statement

Granahan Construction's goal is to provide a quality product that will transform your space into a tranquil environment. Granahan Construction's  sets itself apart from others because John Granahan has a strong knowledge of soundproofing products and applications.


No project is too small, as sound reduction is now needed in all areas of life:

Residential spaces such as condos and town homes where shared common walls can create headaches and sleepless nights.
Commercial spaces in which conference rooms need safeguards to ensure private conversations stay private.
Restaurants and auditoriums where noise abounds, but must be tempered for comfort of patrons.
Houses of worship where noise levels must be minimized to ensure a peaceful and tranquil environment.
Music studios, home or commercial, that provide acoustically infracted sound control.
Industrial spaces where heavy machinery, motors, and air conditioning units sends noise levels off the charts to all surrounding buildings.