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San Diego, CA ~ We moved to San Diego from New Jersey a little over a year ago.  My wife, who had done the advance work on locating a house, assured me that the one she found had a single car garage we would be able to convert into a music room.  Both my son and I are avid musicians, and we like to play loud.     

John Granahan is as conscientious, proud, creative and kind-hearted as anyone with whom I've ever worked.  I guess those traits are common in big, affable Irishmen.  Shortly after we moved, I hired John to help me with the conversion.  His team of carpenters was tireless and careful, thorough and efficient, and to a man—really nice guys.   John was patient and understanding with me as I expressed my ideas about the project, and we worked together to get it just right.  And in the end, I was left with a finished product that exceeded my expectations:  a seamless, sound-proofed room that is just perfect for our purposes.  

Now that the job is done, I expect that John and I will stay in touch.  I'm sure to become one of his "repeat offenders" as he calls them:  customers who ask him to help out on future projects.  We have some things in mind for down the road, and I will definitely call John to ask for his help when the time comes.  

In short, I give John -- and his crew-- my highest recommendation." ~ Jeff Sarokin

Park Villas North, San Diego, CA - "Thanks for your hard work on the soundproofing of our home.  We hired John's services after months of having difficulty sleeping due mostly to footfall in the unit above us, but there was also quite a bit of noise from weekend party's that we were also looking into eliminating.  We had John come out for his initial inspection of the master bedroom and I could tell that he was very knowledgeable about soundproofing and the products that he uses.  John went above and beyond our expectations.

We selected the most extensive soundproofing option that John had to offer which involved installation of thick soundproofing insulation material between the floor/ceiling framing voids, an additional thinner barrier installed directly beneath the framing, and sound clips for the new drywall ceiling attachment.

After the soundproofing was complete and we got settled back into our condo, we have not had any issues sleeping.  the noise from party's/voices is now eliminated through our ceilings, and footfall has been muffled significantly.  I would like to thank John again for his services, and would recommend Granahan Soundproofing to anyone who is having noise issues with their neighbors above or adjacent to them." ~ Marc Rivard


San Diego, CA - "When you live downstairs from an obese insomniac with a really bad attitude, you should consider soundproofing your ceilings.

We turned to John Granahan to install the most effective possible soundproofing system in our ceilings: mass-loaded vinyl and super sound clips. John and his crew did fast, professional work and went the extra mile to accommodate our circumstances. Our condo is too small to empty two rooms at once, so he and his crew returned two extra times to complete the work on our bedroom ceilings. They demonstrated teamwork and experience in soundproofing our ceilings, and it was fascinating to watch.

This soundproofing system greatly muffles the sounds coming from the insomniac upstairs and lets us get to sleep." ~ Dave and Suzy Gagniere


Escondido, CA - "Well, let me get my 2 cents worth about John Granahan: He's great!
I needed to soundproof a room built in my garage for a home theater. First it required figuring out what to do with the garage door, since the motor and related track were occupying space where I wanted the room to be. I thought this would be a big problem, but not for John. He solved the problem right away, and it was taken care of in two days. Next he had to learn a whole new construction technique using mass-loaded vinyl. He grasped the concepts right away and work moved forward without a hitch. Soundproofing the doors was another area that needed special, non-traditional treatment. Now I have my soundproof room and I'm a happy guy.
With the soundproofing, I will be able to listen to music and watch movies any time I want, day or night, without bothering the neighbors. And, I can pay cents on the dollar for my popcorn, and stop the movie while I go to the bathroom. How great is that!!  Thanks John."
~ Eric Johnson