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Noise Pollution

Sensible Soundproofing Solutions

Eliminate noise pollution with cost-effective pro audio and sound reduction solutions from Granahan Construction of Oceanside, California. I tune and soundproof a wide variety of properties, including:

Recreation Studios • Music Studios • Video Studios • Gaming Studios • CEO Offices • Church Sanctuaries • Auditoriums • Garage-to-Studio Conversions • Condos • Townhomes • Safe Rooms • Conference Centers

Convenient Noise Reduction

If you can hear your neighbor or want to crank up your music without causing a public disturbance, I can help. I use mass-loaded vinyl products and floating wall systems to soundproof your property. Many of the products I work with are environmentally friendly, including:

Mass Loaded Vinyl • Blue Insulation • Windows • AC Units
• Doors • Panels • Floors • Ceilings